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About us

BonVent Europe B.V. Is a young and dynamic company based on experienced people. BonVent Europe B.V. advises, develops and performs logistic assignments. We look at your logistical issues with a fresh look. In order to solve this in a creative and innovative way. To the wishes of the customer.


Volker Schlotmann

Do not go – there is not.

“Why inland shipping? Born in a family active in inland shipping, I learned the profession of inland waterway vessel. I’ve been sailing several years. Afterwards worked on land, went into politics and successfully there over 20 years actively, finally as Minister of transport, energy and land development in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern responsible.“

"Reorientation and the question of deciding to stay at home comfortably or to find active sense and task in the economy. The decision fell quickly. What was more obvious than bringing back to the roots and the entire knowledge and skill in the field of inland navigation. Chartering, logistical services and consultancy are the challenges that demand me completely. With great joy and commitment are accepted. Together with friend and partner Frederik Hovestadt, a team that complements itself in an ideal way!“

"Do not go - there is not!" After this principle everything is put on the way. Complex instrument solutions for complex challenges are our instrument case. Reliability is another pillar of our action.“


Frederik Hovestadt

Logistics: It remains a beautiful profession.

“Grown up on water, from a family that is in shipping for centuries, it was just logical that I also got into shipping. After my training for maroff and captain inland shipping I went sailing. The first 7 years I have been active on sea. The last 5 years as owner of an inland vessel."

"The broad knowledge I gained in shipping and as an entrepreneur, I want to work for a higher plan in the future. Together with friend and companion Volker Schlotmann, we form a team that has a broad know-how of logistical issues. We do not feel too big for simple assignments and feel the challenge in complex issues. With us, you will receive customized attention and solutions!"

Bonvent: Consulting - Development - Logisstics
Bonvent: Consulting - Development - Logisstics